Q1 Community Contribution Award

Every quarter, the Alluxio Project Management Committee (PMC) will review and acknowledge community members who have made significant contributions to the Alluxio project. Building a successful open source Alluxio would not be possible without the support of a creative and thriving community. As the Alluxio community surpasses 700 members, we would like to recognize the contributions of members who are making a difference.

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2018 Q1 Community Contributions Award: Chongjie Li and Rong Gu from Nanjing University for providing a C++ binding to the Alluxio client.

Feature Importance:

This feature expands Alluxio usage by providing support for clients to interact with Alluxio via C++ code.

Feature Description:

C++ is one of the most widely used programming languages. Previously, Alluxio provided users with Java, Python, and Go clients, but no C++ client. This feature, contributed by NJU-PASA lab, provides a C++ client addition through the JNI implementation. This work includes around 3000 lines codes and 23 additional files, and by default the C++ client is now included in the distribution.

With Appreciation,

The Alluxio PMC

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