Project Management Committee

The Alluxio Open Source PMC members come from a diverse and experienced background. The project members includes committers with decades of experience from Google, Palantir, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, IBM, Intel and Huawei.

Adit Madan

Alluxio, Inc.

Andrea Reale


Andrew Audibert

Alluxio, Inc.

Baolong Mao


Bin Fan

Alluxio, Inc.

Calvin Jia

Alluxio, Inc.

Chaomin Yu

Alluxio, Inc.

Chen Tian


Cheng Chang

Alluxio, Inc.

Eric Anderson


Gene Pang

Alluxio, Inc.

Gil Vernik


Grace Huang

Fosun International

Haojun Wang


Haoyuan Li

Alluxio, Inc.

Jan Hentschel

Ultra Tendency

Jiří Šimša

Alluxio, Inc.

Luo Li


Mingfei Shi


Pei Sun

Alluxio, Inc.

Qifan Pu

UC Berkeley

Rong Gu

Nanjing University

Saverio Veltri


Shaoshan Liu


Yupeng Fu

Alluxio, Inc.

Maintainers (by Component)

Each of the main Alluxio components are assigned a set of maintainers. These maintainers are responsible for ensuring that the component is well maintained. You may contact any component maintainer for any questions regarding the component.

Component Maintainer
Alluxio Core Public APIs Bin Fan, Calvin Jia, Gene Pang, Jiří Šimša, Yupeng Fu
Core Bin Fan, Calvin Jia, Gene Pang, Pei Sun
Key-Value Bin Fan, Calvin Jia
Build & Integration Tests Andrew Audibert, Bin Fan
Documentation Andrew Audibert, Gene Pang, Rong Gu, Yupeng Fu
Integrations Andrew Audibert, Jiří Šimša, Yupeng Fu
Network Bin Fan, Chaomin Yu, Gene Pang, Jiří Šimša
Under Storage Calvin Jia, Chaomin Yu, Gene Pang, Yupeng Fu
Utilities Cheng Chang, Jiří Šimša
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