Contributing to Alluxio

There are many different ways to contribute to the Alluxio open source community. These types of contributions include submitting source code changes, interacting with users and questions from the community, verifying releases, and submitting bug reports. All of the various ways of contributing are important for the Alluxio open source community.

Helping Other Users

Helping other Alluxio users on the Alluxio Users Mailing List is a great way to contribute to the community. We also encourage the community to help answer Alluxio questions on StackOverflow. There are always new users and questions on the mailing list, so there are many opportunities to share your expertise and help the community.

Testing and Verifying Releases and Release Candidates

Alluxio releases and release candidates are periodically announced on the Alluxio Users Mailing List and the Alluxio Developers Mailing List, for the community to verify and test the releases. The community plays a critical role in the release process. The community is encouraged to test and try out releases and to provide feedback on any issues discovered.

Submitting Feature Requests and Bug Reports

While using and testing Alluxio, you may discover an issue, or realize a missing feature in Alluxio. An excellent way to contribute to Alluxio is to submit feature requests and bug reports to the Alluxio Jira Board. The Jira board is the place to discuss the features and bugs in order to reach a solution and design for the feature or issue. Interacting with other developers on the Alluxio Jira Board is a great way to contribute to the overall direction of Alluxio.

Improving Documentation

Alluxio documentation is typically one of the first things new users read when getting started with Alluxio. Therefore, the Alluxio documentation is very important for the community. Improving the documentation is always beneficial and can have far-reaching impact on Alluxio users. To propose documentation improvements, update files in the docs/ folder in the Alluxio repository and submit a pull request. If your documentation fix only needs to modify a single file, you can even edit and submit the pull request directly from Github, via the “Edit” button. For example, with the “Edit” button on the Powered By Alluxio page, you can easily edit master/docs/en/

Reviewing Other Source Code Changes

Reviewing the Alluxio pull requests of other developers is an excellent way to contribute to the Alluxio project. You may have expertise in a part of the source code that other developers are updating. Feel free to leave suggestions for code changes, or questions about the modifications. When you feel the pull request is good, you can leave an “LGTM” comment to indicate your approval of the change. Commenting and reviewing pull requests is a great way to share your experience and contribute to the community.

Contributing Source Code Changes

The Alluxio community is always encouraged and welcome to submit Alluxio source code changes. Improving documentation, adding new features, and fixing bugs are important in making Alluxio better. Other Alluxio community maintainers will guide you through the process of successfully making changes to the Alluxio source code.

To get started, please visit the new contributor tutorial. You can get started on any issue, but it's usually a good idea to get your feet wet with a smaller fix, or by updating the documentation.

A core group of maintainers will guide you through the process of successfully making a change to the project. It's our goal to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible. We'd love to hear ways that we can make it easier for you to become a contributor.

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