Open Source Memory Speed Virtual Distributed Storage

Alluxio, formerly Tachyon, enables any application to interact with any data from any storage system at memory speed.

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MOMO: Accelerating Ad Hoc Analysis with Spark SQL and Alluxio · Haojun (Reid) Chan, Wenchun Xu · Mar 20, 2018

Announcing the Release of Alluxio Enterprise Edition and Community Edition v1.7.0 · Andrew Audibert, Calvin Jia, Gene Pang & Adit Madan · Feb 2, 2018

Storage Unification and Abstraction

Alluxio unifies data access to different systems, and seamlessly bridges computation frameworks and underlying storage. Read More

Remote Data Acceleration

Decouple compute and storage without any loss in performance. Read More

Strong Community

Alluxio has attracted contributors from over 100 institutions, including Alibaba, Alluxio, Baidu, CMU, Google, IBM, Intel, NJU, Red Hat, UC Berkeley and Yahoo. The project is the storage layer of the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS) and also part of the Fedora distribution. If you'd like to join the community, or contribute to Alluxio, learn how to contribute.

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